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    Math Projects
    By camp823

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    I have done the million dollar project (they have to spend $1 million on things in catalogs, newspapers etc.)- helps with subtraction and decimals (if you don't round the numbers).

    Cafeteria Surveys (they come up with 5 questions to ask 50 people about what food, decorations, schedules they would like to see in the cafeteria. They graph their results.

    Geometry project (they find 20 geometric figures in the "real world" from either magazines, newspapers, or they can take photographs. They have to put them on a poster. The objects cannot be drawn and have to be real object.

    Newspaper Scavenger hunt (the kids find items like decimals, fractions, percents, ordinal numbers etc. in the newspaper, cut them out and make an original design of all of their findings.) I have had kids make a poster, but some are more creative and have put them on a t-shirt, a clock, and a mobile.

    Carreer Project- the students interview someone who does math in their job. they have to have an example of a math problem they use in their job. (they don't necessarily have to understand the math problem, just understand how they use it.) They have to write a paragraph explaining how math is used, and have a picture of that person at their job.

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