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    Behavior Bingo
    By NIUTeach

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    I used it last year and it was awesome...the kids loved it.

    I made a 100s chart on the computer and laminated it... The kids could get numbers for various things. I had a cup for old numbers and new numbers. When they got a number, I picked the number from the cup and colored the corresponding number on the paper with a vis-a-vis.

    My number system was:

    1 number for:
    none of the kids changed their cards today
    everyone turned their homework in today

    2 numbers for:
    Getting a compliment from a teacher, principal, or another staff member (like "Wow, your class is being very quiet in the hallway).

    3 numbers for:
    Good behavior at an assembly
    Good behavior at a field trip

    4 numbers for:
    A good note from a substitute teacher (I used to sub, so this is a big deal to me)

    We voted on a prize for each time (no homework day, pajamas day, popcorn and a movie) and when we got 10 in a row, they got the prize.

    They love it and I only had to give out 3 prizes throughout the year because it really takes a long time to get 10 in a row.


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