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    A few ideas...
    By Zee

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    One thing that I do is a posterboard puzzle. You take a piece of posterboard and cut it into pieces (one for each student and then you). Each person decorates his/her puzzle piece. Then you put them all together and talk about how the class is like a puzzle and that we need everyone to be complete, we all fit together, etc.

    I don't have a name for this activity, but my kids LOVED it, even after the first week of school. You have everyone stand in a circle. The teacher starts with 1 bean bag, says the name of the person he/she is throwing to, and then throws the bean bag. This continues all the way around the circle until everyone has had the bean bag and then the last person throws back to the teacher. Each person must remember who they threw to because it will be very important later. Then the teacher throws it to the person he/she threw to the first time and the bean bag goes around again. Once the students are doing well with throwing the 1 bean bag, the teacher adds in another bean bag, continuing to throw in the same pattern. I don't tell the kids that I'm adding another bean bag. With this activity we talk about how we must work together in order to keep the 2 bean bags going. Eventually add in a 3rd bean bag. My students loved this activity and it was always a good time to talk about how we are a team and in order to add more bean bags (and keep them going) it is very important that we all work together.

    I also do a scavenger hunt type activity. I am also going to do the getting to know you necklace. These are just a few ideas that I use. I hope it helps and good luck with your first year in 2nd grade!

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