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    By OKTeach1

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    I write prepositions on index cards and pass one out to each student. I give them time to read their word or get a friend to help them read the word. Then they come to the middle of the classroom where I have a chair. The students are told to show the word using the chair and their body. The children get pretty creative and have fun with these words. For example, if the word is "under". The child gets under the chair. The other children will guess their word. This is how I introduce prepositions to my first graders. I will also put the prepositions on our Smart Board. I have the kids write a sentence using one of the prepositions. I also show them the prepositional phrases in their sentences. I put their work on the Smart Board using my document camera and we read each prepositional phrase. We also use a program called Winston Grammar at my school to teach the parts of speech. The kids love it because the parts of speech are written on colored cards. I made a big set of cards that we use for whole group activities. The children love to take a sentence and use the cards to tell the part of speech of each word. If it is not a word that fits one of the cards we have learned they put a solid black card. We do a lot of work with sentences with the large cards and our Smart Board. I also have my students use the cards when they write to help them create longer and more interesting sentences. My students love it and call it a card game. It drives them crazy when they have to use a black card and bug me until I teach them a new part of speech. I am only supposed to teach nouns, articles, verbs, and adjectives, but I also teach prepositions, adverbs, and conjunctions. They are like little sponges when learning is fun! I hope this has given you some ideas.

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