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    Parent Gifts/Craft
    By Xmeliss06X

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    In the preschool that i worked at one of the teachers had a digital camera and took individual pictures of the children for different holidays like Christmas, Mothers Day and fathers day.

    For Mothers day the children planted flowers in little flowerpot then when it was time to send them home they made paper flowers with the child's picture in the middle on craft sticks and stuck them in the flower pots.

    You can also take first day of school pictures and make crayon or pencil frames. Use craft stick to make the frame them glue on crayons or pencils that you cut to size. Send them home with the childs picture in them.

    You can also make christmas frames and take pictures of the kids with santa hats or antlers.

    You can also take pictures of the children on the first day of school save them in a folder them towards the end of the year take another picture and the kids can see how they have changed.

    Also if you decide to do a slide show at the end of the year ( if you have camera software to edit photos you may be able to make a slideshow on that) a cute idea would be to collect baby pictures and but the childs baby pic next to the present pic.( you would need a scanner for this though) and you could put it to a cute song about growing up.

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