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    By rayita

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    I just finished reading a book on word walls. What a coincidence. I am going to try what I read starting on Monday. The book is called: Making Word Walls Work by Judy Lynch from Scholastic.

    Anyway, It goes something like this. Monday (10-15 min) introduce 3-5 words. 1. Present one word at a time. 2. Have the students "Clap It" "Slap It" or "Snap It" (students clap, snap, or slap each letter of the word. One word at a time). 3. Write It. The student writes the word. Do this until all words for the week have been introduced.

    Tuesday (10-15 min): Repeat the process from the day before, but in a different order.

    Wednesday (10-15 min): Add new words to the word wall (make it fun)

    Wednesday-Friday: Then review all words from word wall. Read the word wall words(3-5 min) Using pointers or flashlights point to a word and have students read the word. They can write the word (7-10 min) Locate the word, Clap, Snap, or Slap the word, and Write the word.

    The book goes on to what you can do the second week. I reccommend it.

    Hope this helps. Good Luck!

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