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    just one more game
    By Bertie

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    We hand out cards on string, or words on wide masking tape. That becomes their "name" for the reading period. You have to call them by that name, and they call each other by the new name as well. Have as many duplicates as you want, or put in some review words too.

    You could also sing this to the tune of Wheels on the Bus.
    "If your word is "all " then please stand up, please stand up. please stand up. If your word is "all" then please stand up, now sit back down". Do again with each of the new words.

    We play "BUZZ" where the new words are on cards at the front of the room, I have a word in my mind and they come up one at a time to point to and say the word they think is mine. The one who guesses right gets the next turn, but has to whisper his word in my ear first (so he doesn't change his mind") while the rest of the class hums Buzzzzzzz (so they don't hear his whisper). Play til you're out of time.

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