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    By teach_2_ms

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    If there was a lightbulb smilie .. it would be right here!!

    I am like you in that I haven't used daily five in my classroom yet and quite confused, but I just had a genius/lightbulb moment after reading this post!

    I don't use Trophies, I use McGraw-Hill .. but I think my idea might help.

    1) whole group focus lesson #1 -- comprehension
    -- this is the comprehension skill for that week's story

    2) student rotation #1
    -- students work in the different areas (read to self-AR, listen to reading, work on writing, word works) and you pull students

    3) whole group focus lesson #2 -- reading strategy
    -- a great resource for reading strategies is
    -- you could also incorporate a skill from your reading story (vocabulary for example)

    4) student rotation #2
    -- students work in the different areas and you pull students

    5) whole group focus lesson #3 -- word works
    -- this can be word wall and spelling word discussion for the week
    -- you could incorporate the phonics lesson that goes with your reading story for that week

    6) student rotation #3
    -- students work in different areas and you pull students

    7) whole group focus lesson #4 -- writing
    -- this can be your writing focus or your language arts focus

    8) student rotation #4

    9) share time

    Ok.. when you pull students, you can work on reading groups, writing process, oral assessments .. its your choice! Make your focus lessons the components of your reading series, just "focus" on the important parts in 5-7 minutes. I don't think it would hurt to have one rotation be an assessment/worksheet towards the end of the week. For example, your language arts focus was sentence types, so on Thursday one rotation was to complete an activity on sentence types.

    When you pull groups.. Monday/Tuesday can be reading in the basal; Wednesday/Thursday can be reading leveled books; and Friday can be group choice.

    I hope this helps.. :0)

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