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    By tia

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    i don't teach ONLY grammar --thank GOD!--but i am teaching it right are a few things i'm doing:

    trying to do hands on whenever possible--comparative/superlative--get a tall, taller, and tallest kid in front of the room; have them make 3-D prepositional phrases, sing grammar songs (i've founds some on internet, have some from OLD english series), we've played parts of speech people hunt (define parts of speech--give 1 example, then find 3 people with different examples; we played parts of speech SWAT (2 teams--1 representative from each team up at board with flyswatters--on overhead is displayed a grid of parts of speech--teacher calls out word: butterfly, underneath, yikes, mine--first person to swat the correct part of speech earns point)--this can be done with all sorts of topics--rocks, minerals, x tables....

    we'll be playing parts of speech bingo, of course and i made some game (not really sure how i played it, and i'm annoyed that i didn't save it on the computer last year, because my only copy has the answers on it! so i have to redo for this year) anyway--it's something of a partner-find---where there are parts of speech/definitions on cards and then some examples and the kids have to find their partner--i'm at home right now wondering how i made 8 parts of speech (16 matches) into a game for 30 kids....i must have broken some of them down into proper/common nouns, helping/linking, action verbs...

    also: acrostic poems with adjectives describing themselves, make a board game--there are lots of fun games out there--i know scholastic has several workbooks

    hope those ideas help!

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