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    By Stephanie D.

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    It is so important to introduce, practice and review your rules during those first days of school. Make sure your students know EXACTLY what your expectations are. Try to be specific. Instead of rules like "be respectful" or "be kind", use more specific terms like "Walk quietly in the hall" or "Keep hands and feet to yourself" so that they know how to act in each situation, and they realize that there will be a consequence when the rule is broken, and a reward when they are well behaved. There is actually a book called "kevin knows the rules" that is great for the first days of school that introduces rules. It comes with a poster for your classroom.
    Good luck! Discipline can be the toughest part of teaching, but you can get the results you want. And be positive! It's really all about reviewing your rules daily, and following through with rewards and consequences.
    Enjoy the rest of your summer~ Steph

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