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    Morning Work
    By Gail

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    I just wanted to tell you how I do my MT math/lang each week. It is my morning work and I love it, and my kids do also. True, at first some of the cards were confusing, but they really do become easier the more they are done. My children were working pretty much on their own after 2 weeks.

    They have a spiral bound notebook to keep MT math/lang. in, nothing else. They keep the notebooks in their desk for easy access. I laminated all the worksheets. I do math on monday and tuesday, language on wednesday and thursday. Since the cards are printed front and back, I put them on magnetic clips across my marker board (some have to go down the side). Here is my basic procedure:

    Mon - Pass the monday cards out, have them on desks when students arrive. They work on the math cards as they get settled. They have about 40 min. morning time, which is plenty of time for most. Real slow workers can get back to the cards as time allows. When finished with the math worksheet, it is returned to the table to be passed out tomorrow. I go over the cards at the end of the day, or earlier if time. Students have their work in their notebooks to check.

    Tues - Turn the math cards over...students complete each card and turn in the notebook for me to check, and return worksheet to the table. I note any card that was troublesome for students as a whole and discuss that particular skill.

    Wed. Do the same procedure but using the language card....go over each card with students...they keep assignment in the notebook to use for future reference.

    Thurs. Students turn notebooks in after completing the back of the language cards....procedure same as tuesday.

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