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    Arrive earlier
    By Mariella

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    Even walking into the best organized classroom, it can take time to get a grasp of things (either where the materials are or what, exactly, the teacher means by his or her instructions). I always arrive really early (if I'm only half an hour before the bell, I feel I'm running late). It gives me plenty of time to locate things, familiarize myself with the classroom and whatever information might be writting on the boards/walls (class rules and routines, etc.), photocopy any work that needs copying, locate the tv/vcr if it's needed and generally just get my bearings. I used to teach a lot for a friend who was a grade 1 teacher. Her room, desk, etc. were always chaos and I knew I'd have to spend a LOT of time looking for "The Life of the Ant" or whatever book she suggested and there were times I couldn't find the necessary book and would have to try to figure out an alternative book to use or another activity. Arriving early gave me the time to do that.

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