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    Tomorrow will be better
    By Mariella

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    Jami: I think we have all had days and classes like this. As I said in a reply below, a sub who comes in for a day or 2 can't fix the problems that exist in the classroom. For the most part, I have found that students who are co-operative and well-behaved for their regular teacher will be co-operative and well-behaved for a sub (of course, they will try to push the rules a bit and probably won't be as quiet or hard working as for their regular teacher). I think that these "nightmare" classes are probably a challenge for their regular teacher as well, and we subs have to stop beating ourselves up if we can't make things perfect. As for sending kids to the office, I also don't like doing it but I will do it. Sometimes, just sending one child to the office will show the rest of the kids that you mean business and you won't be intimidated. I'm lucky to teach in schools that really value and support their subs and have never had any negative feedback because I've sent a child to the office. Generally, I find they are appreciative that I'm willing to get serious with a serious infringement of behaviour or safety. Here's wishing you a happier tomorrow. Today, I was with some challenging kids at vocational highschool but tomorrow and Friday, I'm with some dream grade 5's that I've taught last year in gr. 4 and earlier this year for several days! Hope your day goes well too - it will restore your confidence in yourself!

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