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    Progress Monitoring
    By Speced9

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    I highly recommend ongoing progress monitoring with your students. If your district is only using DIBELS three times a year, you won't get much out of that with your students. Progress monitoring each student on a weekly, or bi-weekly basis will show those little steps that they take during the course of the year in reading skills. My progress monitoring is a separate entity from the DIBELS monitoring the whole school does in October, January and May.

    I set up a progress monitoring notebook with each DIBELS subtest as a section (Letter Identification Fluency, Initial Sound Fluency, Phoneme Segmentation Fluency, Nonsense Word Fluency, Word Usage Fluency and Oral Reading Fluency). Depending on where they are at, I have individual student progress graphs for each student in those sections.

    Remember that you are progress monitoring skills that each student has at the time according to his/her instructional level. In other words, it makes no sense to progress monitor a child for ORF when they are at a level where they are picking up letter names and sounds.

    I use the graphs in a number of different ways- at parent conferences, included in with their quarterly report cards and in their IEPs when we do annual reviews at the end of the year. We actually use the progress monitoring as IEP goals (i.e. will increase ISF to 25 etc.). I also keep track of a class average for each skill and graph that too. I put it in the hallway to show everyone how special needs students CAN attain those skills even though they go at a slower rate.

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