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    one on one is the key
    By mrssimon2gr

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    I have a 12 year old with autism and I have had many children with autistic children in my classroom.
    One on one is the key for the situation, I would almost guarantee it. This is not "routine" for this child and that is one of the things children with autism thrive on....once a week for a short amount of time is VERY hard for them. Your environment is different, you are a different person that he is used to and - I'm guessing, you are doing different activities each week....this is his mind creates chaos.
    I would go to the pastor and ask if maybe he knows someone with a background in sped....a para or aide perhaps.... or maybe a CNA or nurse even...someone who can be VERY patient with someone
    Then, I would work with this person to create a predictable routine for this child. Ask Grandma what he likes...what are his favorite things.....use this knowlege to help get him to come in the room,
    Next, establish and write a schedule of what will happen when the child is in the room with that person.....then, put the words with pictures and show the child....first, we come in (show a pic of a child coming through a door) then we sit down and say a prayer (another pic this time of a child praying......)
    you need to have this schedule stay the same as much as possible because you have very little exposure to him.
    Ok, of course their will be times when schedules HAVE to celebrations,etc.... during those times realize that this change IS NOT fun for this child it is more chaos....if he can go off to the side with that 1:1 person and just do his routine, it will be a lot easier.
    I would not be this rigid in the classroom, but since this is SUCH a limited amount of time and the home is not a supportive, safe place, well....I am trying to give you tricks to help both of you have a calm, learning environment.
    As he gets to know you and trust you - you will be able to add new things with the schedule.
    If you want, message me anytime. I know we're lucky to have had lots of help with our son.

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