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    checking math
    By roo

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    I think it's very important for the kids to have feedback on their work to know if they're "getting it" or not. It helps the parents, too. We go over HW together most days. (They turn it in to a tray in the morning, so I already know who has it and who doesn't.) They use a pen and we go over answers together. Some just answers, some detailed explanations. We don't always go over EVERY problem. Sometimes I'll just pick one side, one section, odd or even #s...whatever, to get a representative sample. I like them to check their own paper so they're seeing their own work and looking for their own areas of confusion. They are, with very few exceptions, pretty responsible with this. I ask if anyone needs any repeats. Then I ask who needs explanations. I really see some of them getting a lot out of this time. We collect the HW then and I spot check here and there when I'm recording grades, just to make sure they're grading correctly and to look for trouble spots. I don't take a grade on every assignment, but do on most. Sometimes, esp. when a difficult concept has just been introduced, I'll tell them all to put their paper in their home folder right after we check it and that everyone who turned it in on time gets 100%. HW can count for no more than 40% of the quarter grade, so it's not weighted much. Math is a lot of work, but this system has worked very well for me.

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