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    Math Homework
    By jeanmarie

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    We use Everyday Math and the Study Links go home every night. I check off those that did their homework on my clipboard, then I buddy them up (or triads whatever) and they "confer" over the hw. Any "discrepancies" in their answers and they have to rework together and determine who is right. After 10 minutes or so, any problems that are still causing a problem or that someone did not understand are presented to the class. I use volunteers to explain how to solve them. Since we send the answers home to parents, I don't feel I can grade these worksheets. Therefore, conferring in class really helps with discussion and explanations. I do tally points for late homework. If it is not done, that student works outside my room while we are conferring and then confers with me at noon break. I make up a quiz over a selection of the different problems for the week to use for a grade. I very seldom buddy my top math student with my poorest - someone is always bored and fed up and the other is frustrated and can't understand as quickly. Those who had no problems or understand it all check with my master ws to make sure they do have the correct answers. They can then get started on that day's Math Box page or on-going project.

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