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    Classroom Organization
    By StephR

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    I am out-of-control organized. Anally so. I can't stand when my classroom is a mess. So everything has a place. Anyway, here are a few ideas that may get you started:

    * I have a chart posted that shows the student exactly how their desk should look. They must keep the desk looking like this before they are allowed to go home. The first few times they have to stay after school to clean their desks are enough to make them keep it clean.

    * Kids must clean the classroom daily. We do a 60 sec. clean up. Basically they have 60 sec to clean the floor. They are silently moving around the room picking up trash.

    * On my desk I have File trays. "to be filed", "to grade", "for review". All student work that needs to be filed or graded gets put in its respective tray. School/office papers for my review get put in that tray. This way, there is nothing just laying on my desk.

    * I tape the Weekly Bulletin to the corner of my desk. This is out of the way and easily accessible/noticable. The tape also keeps it in place! I highlight things that are of importance to me.

    * ALL student work gets turned in to the Inbox. This keeps everything in one place so I can easily grab it. Also doesn't confuse the kids.

    * All work to go home gets put in the Outbox throughout the week (anything I am not going to save ie: hw). On Fridays the kids line up, are given a stack of paper, and place the papers on the desk of the person it belongs to. This is done silently and all papers get returned super quickly (and I don't have to file!)

    * Those that do need to be filed are done daily by my Controller. During the classroom clean up, the Controller goes to the "To be filed" tray and puts it in the student files.

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