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    Where to begin?
    By tammyr

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    In my room I introduce 5 word wall words at the start of each week along with a spelling pattern. The students write down the 5 word wall words in their word work journals (spiral notebooks) on the left hand side of the page along with their personal 5 spelling words (I get these words from our writing conference the week before) and words we brainstorm as a class that fit our spelling pattern. On the right side the glue in their weekly tic-tac-toe sheet (see below)

    Tic-Tac-Toe---Four in a row
    During D5 the kids must complete a tic-tac-toe sheet for their word wall/personal spelling word list. The tic-tac-toe sheet has 16 boxes on it (4x4 grid) that include:
    1. Make your words with wikki sticks
    2. Make your words with magnetic letters
    3. Stamp out your words
    4. Make rainbow words (kids go over the letters three times in three different colors)
    5. Make smiley face words (eyes are the first and last letters in the word-mouth is the middle)
    6. Write your words on your dry erase board 3 times each.
    7. Use the sight word string ups to make your words (letter beads strung on pipe cleaners...Roylco makes a kit, but you can also make your own.)
    8. Put your words in alphabetical order on your white board.
    9. Teach your partner your words. *On Wednesdays during our word work mini lesson the kids sit EEKK with their spelling buddy (I keep the same buddies for the whole year just to make life easier). The kids read their spelling list to their buddy and orally practice each word three times. This activity appears once on every row of the tic-tac-toe sheet so regardless of which row they choose to complete, each child must do #9!

    On Fridays during the whole group word work mini lesson time we do a quick spelling test. The partners give each other the words (the partners have learned how to read all the words because of Wednesday's practice). Any words the child misses are put back on the list the next week. I just tell them that sometimes tricky words need more than 1 week's worth of practice and everyone is happy!

    If kids complete their four tic tac toe activitites before the end of the week they can do reading rods. If you want to see these being used go to:
    I don't have the cool little machine that reads the sounds to the kids and I have a higher level set than the one shown since I teach second grade. The set itself is pretty pricey ($50 ish), but the kids really like it and it has been great for my kids who struggle.

    I hope this makes sense!

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