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    I had the same problem
    By doden

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    with several students the year before last. So this is what I did last year: I hung up a chart with everyone's name on it. As we had assignments I'd write that in and then students who brought their assignment back recieved a check mark in that column. At the end of every six weeks, each student who had all the HW done (or had missed only once) received an award (eat in classroom with video, shoes off for the rest of the day, pajama day...). It worked really well for my class. I had the SAME four students who never received the treat (not even once) all year. It did not seem to bother them, which is a shame, but it kept me from having to hound them and their parents for work. If I assigned something that I definately wanted to grade then I made sure all students had time in class to work on it. With two of my students, I really felt like their lack of participation in HW was a result of life at home. There was absolutely NO parental support for anything in any way. I can give tons of encouragement and praise for the good things these little guys do for me at school, but when they receive a totally different message at home, it's hard to overcome. :(

    I am planning on doing the same type of thing this year, except that instead of rewarding every six weeks, I may have punch cards (or something like that) and as each student completes 20 assignments then they get their treat. It may take some students all year to get to 20, but at least they have a shot at it instead of having to start over every six weeks. Good luck with whatever you choose.:)

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