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    Chalk Haunted House
    By Sharon D. W-L

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    I am not doing too much Halloween as I also have a student who is not allowed to participate so we are doing a Spider unit instead. I figured this would be a concern so I have decided to do Spiders this year and Bats next year and keep switching these two themes for a few years. Problem solved. I'll have a few activities and an Art craft for Halloween but the rest will be Spiders. My school is having a Halloween Fun Fair in the afternoon so we won't even have a party this year and that is fine with me. :)

    One art project I have done in the past is Haunted House and Halloween Chalk pictures.

    Using black or dark blue construction paper each student designs a scary Halloween picture using a list of things that we brainstorm prior for journal and stories anyways.

    Ideas: black cats, witches, hanuted house, bats, cauldron, jack-o-lanterns, mummies, skeletons, monsters, vampires, grave stones, bones, coffins, spiders and webs... (I leave off ghosts on purpose.)

    I use hairspray and spray their pics after school to prevent the chalk from smudging. The paper does curl a bit so it is a good idea to lay something on them after they dry or you can gently roll them backwards to flatten them a bit.

    We make tissue ghosts and glue one on to each picture. I also picked up those shiny confetti type things at Wal-Mart last year near Halloween and there were spiders, cats, pumpkin, and Happy Halloween shapes. I gave each student 2-3 of these and they could glue them on to the picture as well. :)

    To make the ghosts each child is given 2 tissues. Roll one up in a ball and drap the 2nd tissue over the ball. Tie string/yarn to make the head of the ghost. I have just used a thin sharpie to draw on eyes and a mouth. I have also in years past gave them googalies (eyes) thet were very small to use for their ghosts. :)

    If I rememeber correctly we make the ghosts first and I save them in a box and then I hand them out to add to the picture after. They don't get "their" ghost back but that is just how it works out.

    Happy Halloween!

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