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    By Kermit

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    How about:
    1. Begin with a KWL titled OLYMPICS... find out how much the kids watched. If they all watched it, begin with the SPORTS offered and read any inspirational stories about the athletes. You collect magazines and newspapers in the meantime. Check Scholastic News and other kid-friendly sites regularly.
    2. Learn about ancient Greece- the origins of the Olympics (mini lesson, overview)
    3. Learn a little about China, do the compare/contrast
    4. Do the peace/tolerance/friendship part
    5. Tally the medals as a whole group, or in small independent groups as part of a math activity one day. If you are already in school, start your tallies on 8/8 when the Olympics start. Make it simple. Just tally the bronze, silver and gold wins from your country. Otherwise it will get very complicated!! For a mini-project, have each child choose a country to "be." They tally the wins from their country, color a flag from that country and cut out pictures of the athletes from the country from magazines or online. They write a MINI report. Like: continent the country is on, popular foods from that country, the basics. It can even be a one page fill in the blank activity if the kids are really low.

    Find a read aloud about the Olympics, like the magic tree house book suggested on this page. Reading A-Z also has some books at various levels about the olympics.

    My school doesn't start until Sept. 3 and I think the Olympics may not be hot news in my room... if so, I also plan on doing the Olympics. I have to wait and see. I don't start curriculum the first week, so I will wait until the second week to decide if I do Olympics or Pioneers first.

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