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    By sambrolaw

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    I have my parents complete one on their child. It is very interesting, and can tell you right away who is involved. I learned a lot from these last year!

    Here are the questions:

    1. What are your child's major interests?
    2. What are your child's strongest academic subjects?
    3. What are you child's weakest academic subjects?
    4. Which reading skill(s) would you like to see strengthened?
    5. Which math skill(s) would you like to see strengthened?
    6. Which writing skill(s) would you like to see strengthened?
    7. Which study skill(s) would you like to see strengthened?
    8. What should be your child's three main academic goals for the first nine weeks?
    9. When your child receives a gift that needs to be assembled, does he read the directions first, or does he dive right in and try to figure it out as he goes?
    10. Is you child more apt to complete a three-step direction if you simply give him oral instructions, or do you need to write the instructions for your child?
    11. Would your child rather watch television or play outside?
    12. Does your child prefer listening to music or reading a book?
    13. If your child could choose the subjects he studied in school, what would he choose?
    14. Which would your child prefer to do: write a story, read a story, or act out a story?
    15. Would your child rather make a craft after hearing the directions, reading the directions, or watching someone make a sample?
    16. Do you read to your child? If so, how often?
    17. If you do read to your child, is it done on a school night, during the week, or both?

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