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    doing a bug theme too
    By luv2teach77

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    I've decided to try a bug theme this year too. I haven't decided for sure exactly what to do for my job chart. I have a big caterpillar BB set that says "Helping Hands" that I might use. You could also incorporate bees/beehives with the title "Busy Bees" or "Worker Bees" or different kinds of insects with thte title "Buzzing to Help".

    I don't really want to use bees for my job chart because I'm trying to incorporate all different kinds of insects and I'm centering my behavior management BB around bees. I found some very cute posters at my local teacher store made by Frog Street Press that have bees on them and say things like "Bee Polite", "Bee Respectful", "Bee Kind", etc. I'm going to use the title Be on your best BEEhavior....with the three levels "Bee"ing Good, "Bee"ware, "Bee"have.

    I also found a very cute BB set for my library area that says "Buggy about Books". I plan to get a green carpet of some kind or that fake green grass stuff to lay on the floor. Target has an aisle with kids gardening items that are very cute. I bought a blue tent with bugs all over it for them to read in. It's not very big, but will fit two at a time. They also sell very cute buckets. I really wanted the ladybug one, but they were all gone so I got the bee one to fill with candy and other treats.

    I'd love to hear ideas from other people doing the same theme!
    :) Deb

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