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    By jockel

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    1. Find a colleague that you trust. This is your go to person. The person who you ask questions, vent, learn about the school culture. No matter how embarrassed you are, ASK! I had a mentor who was evaluating me. She was helpful but I needed a colleague who I could go to without being judged.

    2. Beware and avoid the gossip. There is plenty of it in schools. Teachers, parents, staff...there are some people who just keep it going. Just know that most of the time it is the "Gospel according to Mrs.____" and she does not have the full story. You can believe that sooner or later, you will become the topic of someone's gossip. Let it go.

    3. It will be here tomorrow. Establish a time that you will leave every day. New teachers (and some not so new!) spend a lot of time after school. There are some things that can wait until tomorrow. Make time to do what you enjoy (the gym, cooking, shopping, going to the spa, read a book). Try to meet your deadlines but know that it is okay, if you don't get every paper graded that day.

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