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    By TuesdayBear

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    1. Get to know the people in your grade-level team. Establish a good relationship with at least 1 of them so that you have someone to go to if you need help or advice. This person can also help you get acquainted with your curriculum, school policies, etc.

    2. Establish a behavior management system. Make sure you check to see if there is a school-wide or grade-level-wide system. Write out your rules and consequences, and run them by your principal to make sure he/she is on board with it. Train your class in the rules. Role-play if necessary. Do this for at least the first week. And then stick by the rules and consequences you have set in place. Be consistent.

    3. Figure out your class procedures, etc. What will your homework be? How will you collect it? What will the consequence be for not doing it? How will students hand papers into you? If they need supplies such as paper, pencils, etc., how will they get them? What will your bathroom procedures be? Things like that seem small and are easily forgettable in the midst of all you have to prepare for as a first year teacher, but they are vital to the smooth running of a classroom.

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