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    grading papers
    By Nancy

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    I always try to grade some papers while I am subbing. I figure that I am there to do a job, and part of that job is grading paperwork. Granted, I am not subbing high school (I sub. primarily 3rd-8th grades), and I would not feel comfortable grading papers unless I had a key. If the grading system is complicated (like you said, credit for showing work, etc.) I would probably leave a note of explanation why I didn't grade papers. Oftentimes, I will go through and mark what I believe to be wrong on a paper, without putting an actual grade on it. That way, when the teacher returns he/she can just run through and add the actual grade on top.

    I don't know why I feel as though I need to grade papers. I really don't mind doing it, and I usually have ample time throughout the day to get it finished without having to stay late. The only time I have been requested to grade papers in during a multiple day assignment. But, I would have done it even if she had not asked me to.

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