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    Reader's WS and Centers
    By Mrs. McDavid

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    I teach second grade and it is possible to do both RW and Centers.

    I do RW in the morning for an hour. During this time I teach a minilesson, they do a task associated with the minilesson, and then they have independent practice. During independent practice I conver with 3-4 students and then begin Guided Reading. I meet with 1 guided reading group (sometimes 2 if time allows).

    Later in the day we do Literacy Centers. All of my centers are geared toward literacy activities. During centers they choose 2 centers they want to work with and then we rotate after 20 minutes. During Centers I meet with 2 more Guided Reading groups.

    My centers can be found on my website. I have some taskcard that I made for the reading centers, but I have not yet loaded them. I am converting them to PDF to stabalize the fonts.

    I usually have the following centers:
    1. Poetry Center w/ task cards
    2. Self Selected Reading (read AR books, visit the library)
    3. Grammar Gorillas (grammar skills)
    4. Writing Center (they have choices here)
    5. Newsworthy (read the newspaper w/ task cards)
    6. Wacky Words (word work)
    7. Buddy Reading (two kids read and discuss the same book)
    8. Listening Center
    9. Fluency Center (students read text/poems for fluency)
    10. Drama Center (reader's theatre -- usually 2 person plays)
    11. Vocabulary Center (students work on reading passages w/ voc.)
    12. Hot Dots (I converted the old state practice tests into hot dot work books -- reading and language).

    I also have my kids complete a centers log so that they understand that they are accountable for their work during this time. It takes some practice to get the routine smooth so that they understand not to interrupt you during GR groups. I have done this for 4 years now and it works really well.

    I love doing centers and the kids love it too because it gives them a little constructive down time.

    Hope this helps.
    Mrs. McDavid :)

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