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    Look through these lists
    By Risa

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    Some of the ones already in this thread are mentioned, but look through these lists from other sites and mailrings to see if you find more of what you want:

    CAN TEACH-A list of no cost rewards

    I don't use a prize box
    Posted by Pam1TX on 6/15/05
    I got tired of buying little junky things that got tossed out anyways after a day or two, and replaced my prize box with reward coupons that they could earn instead and did not cost me a thing. These include such things as take off your shoes in class, change your seat, borrow a book from the reading center overnight, bring in show and tell,read with a stuffed animal, write with a gel pen for a day, etc. '
    A favorite is "Free Cut in Line". Cutting in line is always a problem, as we know. The child with a coupon goes up to where he or she wants to "cut", shows the child there the coupon, then immediately tears up the coupon and puts it in the trash and gets in his chosen spot (can never be for line leader, that's one of my helper jobs).

    1. no homework pass (must have at least a C average to use this)
    2. eat lunch with the teacher
    3. write in pen for a day
    4. chew gum in class for a day
    5. sit with a friend for the day
    6. sit at the teacher's desk
    7. sit at the "special" desk (I have an old desk from home that I have all done up like an office desk that they can sit at)
    8. read on the rug when it is not their day
    9. Extra computer time
    10. going to another class/the office to help the teacher or other students
    11. free book pick from the book order for less than 4 bucks (I use my bonus points, so it does not cost me anything)
    12. free pass to type an assignment on the computer.. almost always used to type an essay instead of writing it out on notebook paper

    a list of what's been mentioned this
    >> add on...cut and paste and add your own...
    >> 1. take off your shoes in class
    >> 2. change your seat
    >> 3. borrow a book from the reading center overnight
    >> 4. bring in show and tell
    >> 5. read with a stuffed animal
    >> 6. write with a gel pen for a day, etc.
    >> 7. lunch with the teacher
    >> 8. free homework pass
    >> 9. Sit at the teacher's desk for the day
    >> to the preschool class or kdg. kids
    >> 11.use the computer for free time
    >> project ( I have loads of wallpaper samples ) kids love it
    >> 13. Cut in line pass
    >> 14. Pick a friend and sit in comfy place for the day (using clipboards)
    >> 15. Call roll one day and mark in atten

    Hi!! In 3rd grade we use tickets. Monday morning they get five tickets. If talking and shouldn't be they give teacher a ticket. And etc. If being good doing something they earn a ticket. If they lose all their tickets they miss a minute of recess for each ticket they don't have. Tickets earn them Friday fun games on the computer. Don't cost anything and it works Computer time is 30 minutes. Six tickets or more full time of games. They love it. Petunia

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