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    By Erika

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    Yup there are some classes that I ADORE. I would sub for them without a moments hesitation. There are others that I will NOT sub for again... Many times you can tell alot about a teacher by the behavior of their students. As for loyalty... I don't know. I was suposed to sub for an aide in a computer lab Wed thurs and today. Yesterday a kindergarten teacher (whom I have subbed for before) was absent and I was placed in there While a second sub was place in the computer lab. It wasn't about loyalty. Truthfully it was about money. I only make $40 a day as an aide sub. While I made $70 for the teacher.
    It was the same amount of work and one was no more difficult than the other... It just made sense to accept the one that paid more. I do feel bad for the sub that came in to replace me. I received two of the three days while she only recieved the one. That is just how it worked out. So I don't know if it is loyalty based.

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