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    I don't think so
    By Erika

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    I subbed for a Kindergarten class on Tuesday and had only the barest of lesson plans and VERY little things to do. The teacher taking a turn for the worse was also absent Yesterday and had left NOTHING for them to do. I had a copy of her plans but not the wooksheets that went with them... they were no where to be found. I went to another teacher and asked for a master of ANYTHING related to the subject we were learning. It was not even close to what she had for them to do. We were on topic but not what she intended.

    Sometimes we just have to take what we can get and hope we don't get written up for it. She had an lesson on leaves that said simply " put 10 leaves on tree" What tree? Better yet what leaves? Cut outs? real ones? who knows.
    We read about leaves and did a cut and color thing..

    It's ok to ask for help... In fact always ask... it is better that you do it different than to not do it at all.

    To make a long story longer... Sometimes you just have to do the best you can and hope that the teacher realizes the circumstances that you were in. It's never easy to be in uncharted territory. Just make a mental map and keep it in mind the next time.

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