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    By Erika

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    I also use rewards as a means to get good behavior. My district has adopted a great system that works well. It is a color chart system.
    Green is what everyone starts on. Each color change is more severe, Yellow= Warning, Orange means they get a note sent home (although subs are not allowed to do this) and recess is lost. Purple is extreme, time in another room, office, parent called imediately or any combo of these.
    At the end of they day if there are on green, they get a "green treat". Usually candy, or stickers.
    However for immediate action if the class is being bad as a whole I pick one who is doing exactly what I asked and give them a treat, sticker, or an ink stamp on their hand( they LOVE this and it is CHEAP). and I make certian the whole class sees why I gave that one a treat. This works well. Everyone instantly settles in hopes that they will get one too.

    But to answer your question... pencils and candy are great but they get these alot, and can get expensive. So use them sparingly.
    Stickers are great motivators too but also get used quite often. Also try bringing a container and every time someone "gets caught being good" let them write their name a a slip of paper and let them put it in the container.

    Letting them do it seems to work better... it is more motivating, like they are controlling something. (Making them change their own color sems to have a similar effect) At the end of the day pick a name randomly for a "big prize". Either candy they don't normally get as a treat or a nick nack like the kind you can get from "Oriental Trading Co" catalog. Let them pick... Usually they will know if they are allergic to chocolate or peanuts or something like that...( hence where the nick nacks come in).
    I hope this helps some or gives you some more ideas.

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