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    Poetry Center
    By Tim

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    Hi everyone,

    I enjoy reading all of your posts. I have really learned a lot just from your ideas on here. One of my centers that I love is my poetry center. I have a beach/cruise theme and my poetry corner is titled " Poetry Island". Each week I hang a poem on a chart stand. The routine is always the same. The kids use a pointer to read the poem. They take turns being the teacher conducting echo readings of the poem. Then they do a choral reading. Next, the kids copy the poem into their reading journal. After that I have 3 questions posted that they must answer in their journal. What is the main idea of the poem? How does the poem make you feel? Make a connection to the poem in a complete sentence. Finally they illustrate a mental image that they have created in their minds while reading.

    Here's where my question comes: I often wonder if there is value in having the kids copy the poem? We have limits on the number of copies we can make, so copying the poem is not really an option for me. Although I have made exceptions to that rule when I have a long poem for them. I often don't make it a requirement for my low students to copy the poem. Also, I would like to incorporate grammar into my poetry center, since I regularly use poetry.

    Any tips, hints, ideas, or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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