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    The Elf has struck again!
    By relax

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    We have an "elf" in our room who tries to trick us in our morning news. I switch off from letter format to just a news format, including date, day, and ususally the elf will play a trick on us and take out a word, leave blanks in front of words (we think of great adjectives), take out or change punctuation, etc. I use the morning news to address the ss or sci topic we are studying, give the objectives for the day, i.e., we will work on finding a pattern today, do a quick graph or tell time (replace the missing hands on the clock, but the digital time is there). I also include one of the concepts from our current Sitton spelling lesson. We don't do anything with our journals at that time.

    I am curious as to how well your students use the white boards. I gave my away last year because I was so tired of them coloring and doodling on them during a lesson, grabbing them away from each other, poking each other with dry erase markers ....... You can tell I had a group of sweethearts last year!

    Another question - Do you use low odor dry erase markers? I just about pass out when everyone has the cap off the ones we have at my school.

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