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    5th grade
    By imalith

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    We do a schoolwide writing pre and post test with out 5th and 6th grade students. We expect that by the end of 5th grade that most students have basic essay organization for expository papers pretty well in hand. They should have a good grasp on sentences (ie no fragments or run on). I would also expect that they can follow a prompt and stay on topic.

    Where most seem to be lacking is the detail/elaboration of the idea. Generally, most 5th graders will write very little and their details are mostly like a list, rather than anecdotes or description. At our school it seems like word choice is a big issue, although over half our students are ESL, so maybe that is the reason.

    Most of my incoming sixth graders are ready to break down the tight organization of their essays into a paper that isn't so formulaic. They learn to replace basic adjectives into better choices. They replace passive voice with strong verb sentences. They also need to work on renaming nouns to avoid excessive repitition in their work.

    Sorry, I can't help you with the 3rd grader.

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