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    Uptight subs
    By Michelle

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    "True to a point. But a teacher across the hall tells you or your students that they are too loud. Plus an administrator feels you need to be in "control". "

    I had to laugh when I read this. Please don't think it only happens to subs. EVERY time I'm in a new place it happens. After 12 years, I've learned the appropriate response -- Look them straight in the with a facial expression that is dead serious and say in tone of voice that conveys quiet fury "Would you like for me to leave now and let you take over??" When they say "no" (which they ALWAYS do) I reply (with exactly the same facial expression and tone of voice) "Then keep your opinions to yourself. I really DON'T need to hear it today!" BTW, many adults think they are doing you a favor by screaming at your kids. After that conversation, they generally understand that I disagree.

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