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    Have a life
    By dancersmoon

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    Have a life outside of school. Don't take home papers to grade. If it can't be completed at school rethink what you are asking the students to do. Major projects could be graded by a rubric with the student or group of students. Teach the children to follow the rubric and grade each other in a group.
    Of course I know there WILL be times when work needs to be taken home, but make those times few and far between. You owe your students a teacher who is rested, interested, and excited to be there. You must get away from school work in order to work on you! ;)
    I had some very fine teachers tell me to leave school at school as much as I could so that when I was home, I was home with my family. I find this works for me.
    Some of the ways I grade have been listed, whole group, group, students may grade other students papers but they must have the student whose paper they are grading there with them as they grade. Sometime we "pair grade." A student or half the class is given one test and the other half another test (test A test B) Test A students will grade their own papers while test B students watch. Test B students will grade their paper while test A watches. Grade only part of the paper.
    Give a twenty problem test, grade only odd numbers, skip around, etc. Grade only specific items taught. Let the children know that you are not going to grade the whole paper, but also let them know that they do not know what part you are going to grade!
    Lots of contract grades. If you do this you get this grade etc.
    Lots of expert or jigsaw grouping. Simple completion grades. Reverse roles with a parent. Have the student do classwork and send it home to be graded by a parent. *G* Sort of turn the tables. :D Depending on the grade level of the child you might have to send a rubric or answers to the parent as well. Ask the parent what grade they think their child should receive and why?
    Most parents think this is great and love to see how we work with their children. Just don't overdo it. :rolleyes:
    I will watch this with interest, good idea for a thread!

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