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    Directions/Procedures for timed tests
    By 2ndGradeRocks

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    I give 25 problems and 2 minutes to answer them. It's differentiated in that they are each working on the fact family they need to master. This is how it works:

    Each student starts with addition facts of 0 and 1 (0+0, 0+1, 0+2, 1+0, 1+1, etc.). The students that answer all 25 correctly in 2 minutes move on to the 2's, etc. Once they've mastered the addition problems they start with subtraction. Sounds confusing to manage, right? It's not.....this is what I do:

    My theme was frogs last year. I made a BB with lily pads arranged in a circle. The lily pads were labeled with a fact family. Each student had a tadpole with their name on it. As they mastered a fact family their tadpole was placed on the corresponding lily pad. The tadpoles were attached using a push pins so it was easy to move them from lily pad to lily pad. When a student was on the subtraction facts I had them attach a lily flower to the back of their tadpole so I could tell who was doing addition and who was doing subtraction. Once they mastered the subtraction facts they "turned" into a frog. Their frog was placed in the middle of the lily pad ring and they no longer needed to take the timed tests.

    When it was time to administer a timed test I could simply look at the BB and grab the correct test for each student. I wrote their name on the back of their test. When it was time to pass them out I could easily place them, face down, on the correct desk. Once everyone had their test and I said "Go" they flipped their test over and began.

    My students LOVED this!! They would beg for a timed test so they could move their tadpoles. Each student had a master sheet of facts that they studied from. They could look at the BB to see which fact family they should be studying.

    Since there are less than 25 problems for each fact family I would add problems from previous families to fill in the gaps.

    Each test fits on a half sheet of paper. Also, since students were on different families, chances are the person sitting next to you had a different test so cheating was not an option!

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