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    Music during WW
    By msharkey

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    I started doing music during WW this year. I think I had heard on a talk show or radio show about how classical music helps you focus and activates the brain to work at its best. I figured, it couldn't hurt so I went to borders and got the least expensive Classical CD I could find.

    I was skeptical though. I was quickly amazed at how true it is. I experimented with other music to see what happened. Here is what I found with my group this year.

    Classical Music helped to keep the room quiet and the kids focused
    Any kind of Disney Music (such as Radio Disney or HSM) made the kids converse more so it got very noisy. I also noticed that when I played this music that the kids moved around a lot - not neccesarily dancing really but getting up to sharpen pencils, get new paper - it seemed to activate the "get up and move" part of their brains
    Kids Music like Laurie Berkner, Raffi - the kids would work and sing at the same time but not at "full capacity"Just my observations.

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