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    Poetry Journals
    By gabalyn

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    I am a big fan of poetry journals, they are terrific for any grade. As far as poems, you pick poems that you think will be good for the lesson you want to teach or a theme you may be covering that week. I use one poem for the whole week.

    Monday, read the poem to the children and talk about the meaning and go over any vocabulary words. Tuesday-Thursday I pick out things such as punctuation, phonics skills, TPR, parts of speech (call on students to come up and find the word with highlighter tape, markers, wicky sticks, have them put shapes around certain things) etc. Then on Friday the children will read the poem aloud (done t-th usually the star of the day uses a pointer), then I have them close their eyes to get a mental image while I read the poem to them. Then I ask a few students about what their mental image was and send them back to their seats where they will receive a copy of the typed poem and glue it into their journal on one side and draw their mental image on the other side (decorated with borders and all). Also, I have them find the things we found in the poem during the week, for example nouns.

    Throughout the year they can refer to this journal and read it during independent reading. At the end of the year, they have this nice complete journal of poems that they can read and some fun memories!

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