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    1st. gr. teacher
    By jana

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    Reviewing #'s 1-30 ideas:

    1) make or duplicate a flash card set for each student
    2) put in a slide-loc bag for each student
    3) use to place in numerical order 1-30 on their desks
    4) pair up with partners and play concentrtion with a slight twist:
    they have to name each number as they flip over each card
    5) have students cut and paste flash cards in order 1-30 on construction paper
    6) Have all kids sit with you at a large carpeted space and give each student a numeral flash card. Have them play "Number Line Up." Call out each number, in order, and have each student stand to face the class. Have students predict what comes next in numerical order to provide some challenge and to "chang it up" a bit.
    7) Play "Name and Scoot." Divide the class into 2 teams. Have them sit on the carpet in their line/team. You hold up and flash # card. The first kid in each team/row competes with each other to see who can name the n0,, 1st. Whoever does so earns a point for their team. Both of the people who are at the very front of their row should now "scoot" to the back of the line and you now quiz the next two team leaders, You keep doing this and you will "cycle" through everyone and all get a turn. (I use the chalkboard and write each teams name ;(one on leftside/one on right side), and write a tally mark for each point earned under the appropriate team name. You decide ahead of time what the "goal" is: is.: for exam.: The first team to earn 10 Name and Scoot points wins!
    8) To follow up for idea # 6 to add even more challenge, make your questions harder, like say: Hold up your card if you have the number/numeral that is 2 more than 18 (so the child holding the card labeled with a 20 would hold his/hers up for all to see).

    Have fun and I hope these ideas will help! ( O:

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