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    Community Supplies
    By Sam5

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    I don't do community supplies for the following reasons:
    - My students are going to middle school next year and need to learn to be responsible for their own things.
    - Some of my students don't bring many supplies but would "abuse" anything they got a hold of(example break their pencils, rip up erasers) if they thought they could take just take another from the community supplies.

    So what do I do?
    - Every kid has a small plastic box (about the size of a small shoe box) that they put any extra supplies in. This sits on a shelf. They have access to it only in the morning. I also make them put markers, glue, colored pencils etc.. in the box so they can't play with them in their desk. We only get those supplies out when we need them.
    - I plan to collect about 20 sheets of loose-leaf, two pencils, one dry erase marker, one red pen, one pen from them. I will use these to sell to the students in the class store. I also stock the store with a few other items like glue, crayons and scissors that I purchase at Back to School Sales. The class store is open in the morning (one of my students takes care of it). Students may use their classroom money to purchase anything they need. If they don't have their supplies during the day I fine them class money.

    I know this sounds like a hassle (and it is a little bit) but this teaches them responsibility and at the same time the student who does not have a parent to buy supplies for them still has them available to them. I do make sure every child has the basic supplies at the beginning of the year and then over Christmas break I secretly add supplies to the kids I know are out and won't be getting any more.

    I think you need to do what is best for you and your class. Ask yourself
    - What was expected of the students last year?
    -What is expected of the students next year?
    - Will everyone bring in supplies and will the supplies all be of equal value?
    - Will all the students take care of the supplies? Will stealing or abuse be a problem?

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