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    All-Star Celebration
    By lenarmc

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    My students earn stickers for homework and any other myriad of things:
    1. A on a spelling test
    2. Answering a question correctly during review of previous day's objectives
    3. passing a major test
    4. weekly reading test5
    5. get caught being good
    At the end of the month, I collect the sticker sheets, and we have a monthly celebration which is by invite only. I make a big deal about passing out the invitations to the class. The celebration is only for those students who earned anywhere from 20-25 stickers. It's basically an incentive for homework because they can earn a maximum of 16 stickers for homwork alone. The really go-getters usually earn 30 or more. The rest of the students have to watch the students celebrate.
    The good thing is that it won't cost you any money. We have game day, toy day, snack day (bring everyone a sample of your fave snack), and movie day (bring your fave movie snack and a date). With the exception of movie day, the celebration never lasts more than 45 minutes.
    Usually after the first celebration, only about 4-5 students miss a celebration. It's nothing worse than sitting at a celebration and not being able to participate. Downside: some parents will keep their child home. Hello! It's only 45 minutes out of a REGULAR school day.:s)

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