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    subbing in high school
    By Carolyn

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    During the years that I subbed (I am a full-time teacher now), I did sub occasionally in high school. I also subbed at the middle school and elementary school levels. High school is the easiest to sub for.

    One thing I found out very quickly about high school subbing is that the kids were fairly decently behaved. Oh, there was an occasional kid who wanted to give me a hard time, but most of them were polite and cooperative. I hated subbing in middle school, so I didn't do that for more than one year. Too much attitude for me.

    Subbing in high school is easy, since the teachers just leave work for the kids to finish. They don't assume that you can do calculus, or that you will remember MacBeth, so they just leave worksheets and videos. You feel pretty much like a useless obstacle in the classroom, since the kids do the work independently without your assistance for the most part. I would circulate to make sure the kids were on task, and usually they were.

    Most of the time, the kids didn't have enough work to do for an entire class period. In that case, I just asked that they talk quietly for the remainder of the class period. What's especially difficult is if you have those extended classes of 90 minutes in length and you only have enough work for 30.

    You can get control by assuming a no-nonsense, professional demeanor. You may be a sub, but you are there because you are the responsible adult who is in charge of the classroom, otherwise the school would not have had you there. Circulate often to keep the kids on task. Closeness to potential problem kids helps alleviate some of the problems. Don't turn your back to the kids. My husband teaches high school, and they can get into mischief, even at the junior and senior levels, he says.

    I hope you enjoy your subbing with young adults.
    If you like this age group, you will have fun and the kids will like you for your enthusiasm.

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