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    High school subbing
    By Joy

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    I subbed in high school for a few months last year, and found that the best approach is 'less is more'. The more direct, simple, and honest you can keep your interactions, the more the kids will respect you. It basically boils down to giving the kids some respect, without becoming their 'pal' and losing control. It's probably a lot like your rapport with them as a track coach.
    Some good 'tricks':
    Tell them you have to collect their work at the end of class, even if you don't.
    Give them a warning, then follow through and write them up, then (if necessary) send them to the principal's office. Be as good as your word.
    Make sure you know all the rules about hall passes, free time, etc.
    Expect them to behave and be cool. You probably already know how much they live up to your expectations, good or bad.
    Hope this helps!

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