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    Morning Meeting
    By jcgy7

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    I write a morning message every morning that has deliberate mistakes in it. These mistakes might be word wall words spelled incorrectly, punctuation, format, capitalization, and/or grammar. I always put the number of mistakes at the top of the message so the kids know how many to be on the lookout for. Sometimes I'll leave out words that the children have to fill in that tie in with our curriculum. Sometimes I'll have an interactive morning message where they make tally marks to answer a question or have to find the answer to a math problem. They are expected to read the morning message independently when they first arrive.

    During morning meeting, we do a greeting (great ideas for greetings are in the Morning Meeting book mentioned before, and the kids enjoy coming up with their own), read the message, and find the mistakes. I lead morning meeting for the first quarter to model how it should run, and then after that I have the kids take turns doing it. I pick a child to read the message aloud, they get to find one mistake, and then they call on another student of the opposite gender to find the next mistake. I have them hold up the number of fingers that indicates how many times they've already been up to keep it fair. If it will be their first time up, they hold up one finger, and so on. I have noticed that my kids have really grown in their understanding of punctuation, grammar, homophones, etc. through using a morning message. After the message, the meeting leader reads the schedule for the day and indicates if we're running on time, late, or early. If we're late or early, they have to figure out by how many minutes. They're allowed to "phone a friend" if they're stuck. After that, I share anything special/different that will be going on that day, remind them of due dates, and anything else that's relevant. I really like using the morning meeting format - it's a great way to start the day, gets the kids working together and respecting each other, and REALLY builds language skills as I mentioned before.

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