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    By 2ndGradeDeb

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    I saved the following ideas I found on PT:

    "A Sea of Learning"/"Work to Treasure”/Star students (pictures on starfish)/"Swim into Success"/"Fishing for Good Behavior"/"Fishing Buddies"
    "Catch a Wave"
    *For a background use blue paper, then twist green paper to make 3-D seaweed. You can use different shapes of white circles to show "bubbles" coming from some of the sea animals' mouths.
    "Ms. _______'s 1st graders are swimming in the right direction!"
    "Welcome to Ms. ______'s 1st grade class...swim on in!"
    *You can use fish cutouts with each child's name on it. You can put a fish net up with the fish inside.
    "Sea Star" -Student of the week
    "Dive into Diversity" - You can use a lot of different colors and types of fish and sea creatures
    "A Great Catch"/"Fishing for a Good Book"/"Get Hooked on a Good Book" you can put up a fish net and print out several different book-cover pics to put in the net.
    *Instead of using marbles in a jar for a class goal, hang a string from the ceiling to the floor and hang small paper fish on it. Tell students that they will have a class party, or watch a video, etc. when the fish reach the ceiling. (OR use a large cutout of a paper fish and cover it with paper scales each time they earn one.)
    *For an opening day - get to know each other activity, cut out some blue paper in the shape of a pond and put it on the floor. Write each students name on a paper fish and put them face down with magnets on back. Have students gather around the pond and lower a fishing pole (with a magnetic end) to catch a fish. Have them ask the student they caught a question such as favorite color, food, etc.
    *Make an attendance board by hanging a small piece of net and having students paperclip/clothespin their fish to the net when they come in each day.
    *Make a bulletin board of brain-teasers/mysteries called "Something is Fishy!!"
    *Make a classroom job chart with a fish theme by putting job names on hooks and student names on fish. Simply rotate the fish each week or month.
    *Use a fish bowl to store pencils, pens, markers, etc. on your desk.
    *Use a fish bowl with student names written on fish to draw out names to call on.
    *Someone on PT had a canoe in their reading corner for the kids to sit in and bought a giant fish pillow from Wal-Mart to go inside.
    *Call your beginning of the day activity the "Catch of the Day."
    *For treats during the first week/special ocassions, give out gummi fish or fish crackers.

    There are many ideas on
    You can also go to the Archive above for more ideas. :)

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