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    mini offices
    By trexteach

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    I'd never heard of them before PT, so I decided to look into the suggested websites to see what they were/looked like. I liked the idea, but all the sites I checked out seemed to use ideas that were way too primary for my fifth graders. So...I decided to come up with my own. I figure, with what I've come up with so far, that I will need 4 file folders for each child. Some of the inserts will be already there for them to refer to, but others I plan on having them glue in once we've covered that material. Here's what I'm planning on so far...

    *Cover to decorate
    *Page One--
    Top 2/3rds of page=Troublesome spelling words list
    Bottom 1/3rd of page=Blank lines where they add the words that give them the most difficulty
    *Page Two--
    Top 1/2 of page=list of boring words with better words to use. (ex. good--splendid)
    Bottom 1/2 of page=Rules for punctuating with quotation marks
    *Page Three--
    Possibly a blank lined page with a heading of "Personal Notes" or Things I Need to Remember"
    *Page Four--
    A list of heavily used grammar rules
    *Page Five--
    Possibly a checklist page for things they need to remember before turning in a final draft. Ex. "I've checked for the following..." name,spelling errors, cap/punct/grammar errors, run-ons, I've read my work out loud, colorful (if applicable), neat, sentences flow, etc.
    *Page Six--
    Top 1/2 of page=Rules for writing a paragraph (perhaps the sandwich concept)
    Bottom 1/2 of page=Rules for writing fiction and nonfiction summaries
    *Page Seven--
    Top 1/2 of page=Using R.E.A.D.S. to respond to a 2-point test question
    Bottom 1/2 of page=unknown as of yet
    *Page Eight--
    Unknown as of yet
    *Back Cover to decorate

    Hey, let me know if you think of something else to use!:)

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