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    By Kermit

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    I heard this on NPR and it would be a GREAT math problem.. there are 270 electoral votes needed to win. So if you look at all the red and blue states KNOWING at least two need to flip for EITHER candidate to win, how many different combinations of states could there be to have either candidate win?

    You can go to NPR and play a little game or look at a map or something to help.

    I did a ton of election stuff with my 3/4 class, but I don't think their teachers next year plan on doing much :confused: Anyway, my new kids will be second graders, and I will do what I can, but third graders will be much more able at the beginning of the year to do the elections than I am guessing second graders will be able. Oh well.

    We researched the candidates and discussed some of the issues like healthcare, immigration, Iraq, etc. the kids would have little mini-debates on a topic. Go to the Nickelodeon kids pick the president site, as it has good facts, laid out simply.

    Also, a great book to read aloud, which my kids loved was The Kid who Ran for President by Dan Gutman. We also read the sequel, The Kid Who Became President. They LOVED these books. Very funny, and provided good discussion points on the election and election politics, and later ideas about what it's like to be president (sort of.) Another good one was So You Want to Be President?

    I do think I might do president reports with my second graders next year, if they are ready before November. They will each pick a president and write out a few things about him. I saw this on someone's post here. They dress up in period costume and present their report. It might have been on the fourth grade board for more details.

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