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    If you have the book...
    By mrssimon2gr

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    It shows you step by step how to start each part of the daily 5. I started with "read to self" and made the anchor charts with the kids - we did role playing and went through how to do each part first when I read in the book that you should use a child who probably would do it wrong- I thought "no way! I am not giving that child the power to disrupt my class...." but I did it that way and had the same kid show how to do it correctly- in doing that I have proven to that child and the entire class that even a child who may routinely make poor choices can be successful with the daily 5. I started ( as the book suggests) with a very, very small amount of time- if they stopped being successful after 1 minute then I called them to the carpet and talked about what worked and what didn't. We then went onto something else - It was about 3 weeks before my class could do the whole daily 5 - we could have each section last about 10 minutes at first--- we can go for 30 minutes NO PROBLEM now. I get compliments from everyone who comes into my classroom because my kids are so on track and engaged in reading! I love it!

    As far as tweaking it-
    I have 4 drawers with activities for each of the daily 5's (the fifth is listening and I keep that with the cd player)
    I put an activity that monitors their practice that week and keeps them accountable. It may be a "cause and effect" web for independent reading (whatever strategy we're working on) It may be a journal calendar for writing to give them ideas if they get stuck....
    I do this every week to keep my lower achievers on track.

    Does that help?
    I love talking about daily 5 - It's my favorite subject!
    I tried to go to Columbus- It is filled up

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